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Sunday the 17th of August

Carling Cup Preliminary Round

Bay Rovers AFC– Sullane        P Mc Dermott                       2.30pm

The exact date of the origin of soccer is not known, but we can say with certainty that the history of soccer is not a century old and has affected many countries. Ball games were popular on all continents, as evidenced by the widespread findings of archaeologists. In ancient China, there was a game known as "Tsuju", references to which date back to the second century B.C. According to the statement of FIFA in 2004, it is considered the most ancient of the predecessors of modern soccer.

In Japan, a similar game was called Kemari (in some sources Kenatta). The first mention of Kemari is found in 644 AD. Kemari is still played today at Shinto shrines during festivals. In Australia, balls were made from the skins of rats, bladders of large animals, and twisted hair. Unfortunately, no rules of the game have survived. North America also had an ancestor of soccer; the game was called "pasuckuakohowog," which means "they got together to play ball with their feet." Usually the games were played on beaches, trying to score a ball into a goal about half a mile wide, the field itself was twice as long. The number of participants in the game was up to 1,000.