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Established 1990

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The demands in soccer vary according to the level of competition, style of play, position on the field and environmental factors. Exercise patterns can be described as interval and acyclic, with maximum effort superimposed on a foundation of low- or medium-intensity exercises. (Bangsbo, 1993).

Therefore, soccer coaches must constantly adapt to the game situation.

Predicting the end result is difficult enough, as it undoubtedly depends on individual and team performance, the tactics chosen, the opponent or simply luck and fortune at key moments of the match, but it is clear that the work of a coach seeking to teach what happens in the game will somewhat or greatly minimize game prediction.

It has been shown in recent years that the science of training players can improve both their individual and collective performance. But the characteristics of each of the subjects involved in the game must be determined. (Yearick, 1999).

Therefore, it is logical to think that if science has improved the physical capabilities of soccer players, the soccer coach and his coaching staff should make sure that they take advantage of this situation and from there provide technical, tactical, and emotional improvement to their players. .

Today's soccer players must be prepared for the very high demands of working in training, not only because of variables such as volume and intensity, but also because of the complexity of the game, which means dealing with different tactical and strategic situations that respond to the diversity of the changing game of soccer. Current soccer hand in hand with technology has forced the player to develop more effectively by understanding and interpreting different learning models, adapting to the variety of tactical, physical and moving in a competitive market.

To make an appropriate intervention in any training model, it is necessary to know what are the physical, physiological or energetic needs of the required activity, in this case soccer. Only on the basis of this prior knowledge can adequate training programs be developed to optimize or streamline certain conditional qualities that determine success in the game.