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Where's the point here?

As people who aren't involved describe soccer, it's a game where "22 grown men are chasing one ball across the field - as if they can't buy their own. To a beginner, what's going on during a match may indeed seem like chaos and mindless running around. But in fact every match is governed by strict rules and the tactics of the game are carefully thought out and built in advance. Tactics can be influenced by the strengths and weaknesses of players, anticipated substitutions, the style of play of a future opponent, etc.

Interest is fueled by the fact that players can touch the ball with anything but their hands. Legs, head, shoulder, torso - but not hands! Not the wrist. Not even a finger! Except for some exceptions, but more about them below.

The goal is simple: to score in someone else's goal and protect your own. The match consists of two halves of 45 minutes each, and during this time the players must give their all, to literally snatch victory from the enemy ... no, not with their teeth, there is a penalty for that. That's how they do it - that's the point!