Bantry- Kealkill—Glengarriff—Durrus

Established 1990

West Cork Soccer League

To stay up to date with all that is happening in the West Cork Junior, Ladies and U18 league check out this site. It has results, fixtures, league tables and a message board.



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The West Cork Schoolboys League have their own website with results, fixtures, tables, news etc.

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To find out what’s happening in your community link onto the mytown website. This is an excellent website full of information.

The soccer field has its elements, and it pays to understand what's what, so as not to be confused by the shouting of commentators.

Marking lines are the lines that limit the field and divide it into sectors. Side lines delineate the field along the edges of the long sides. They are easily distinguished from goal lines, which are the actual goal lines. The goal lines are also called goal lines. The middle line divides the field into two halves. The corner sectors are located, would you believe it, in the corners of the field and are marked with a smooth line. Sometimes a kick is awarded from there.

The penalty area is an area in front of the goal where the goalkeeper can play with his hands. Going beyond it, the goalkeeper loses this advantage and becomes equal to an ordinary player in the eyes of the referee. That's why there is no reason for him to go out of there. For breaking the rules in the penalty area other team members will be punished more severely than in the rest of the field.

The bar and the crossbar are the elements of the goal itself to which the net is attached. The two lateral bars are crowned by the crossbar and the angle of their junction is called the crossbar. The goal area is also divided into sectors, for example, the upper corners very close to the post and the crossbar are the nines. Scoring a goal to the nine is prestigious and shows the high skill of the player. But it's difficult to do, so the ball sent there often hits the crossbar. But it is also more difficult for the goalkeeper to get the ball out of the back nine than out of the other sectors!